Stephen Peroni

A physics teacher at north shore high school. He has a BS and MS in physics education. He started the team 10 years ago. As the lead mentor Mr. Peroni helps manage administrative and technical areas of the team. He has two daughters and loves to snowboard and go camping. 

Matthew Hayduk

Paul Spivack

He currently works in property management and construction. He became a member of RoboGym during his son’s second year on the team and has remained with the team after his son moved on to college. This is now his 9th year as a mentor.  He helps the team with fundraising and sponsorship.   During build season he also helps with pretty much anything that needs to be done from carpentry to safety. He is also able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Bob Lafferty

Ryan Bridgwood

Mr. Bridgwood is an Elementary STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) teacher at each of the Elementary Schools in the district. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as an engineer after receiving his degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics from Binghamton University. He joins Robogym as the Programming and Control Systems Mentor, helping the team learn how to program and control the behavior of the robot. Random fact: his favorite animal is the capybara (they’re adorable, look them up). 

Nick Passaretti

Nick is an Electrical Engineer and graduate student in Farmingdale. He has 10 years of robotics experience ranging from FRC (starting in 2012) to VEX (2016). Nick became a mentor through his undergrad at NYIT. Nicks areas of expertise include electrical wiring and mapping, mechanical design, CAD and heavy machinery use. He enjoys watching soccer in his free time and woodworking / 3D design.

Randyn Tarnoff (Raytheon)

Randyn currently works as a software engineer in New York City. He plans to acquire a degree in mechanical engineering. He has been involved in FRC for five years and specializes in CAD and central design. In his free time, he codes, participate in musical theater, sings in a cappella, and drinks seltzer. He can also play the trombone, make mashups, edit videos, do digital design, and digitally draw.