Robogym has record season!

Robogym has had its most successful season in its 14 year history! This success was not due to this season alone, but has been slowly building over the post-covid years. Most of the skills and knowledge were reset after a tremendous amount of turnover from the lack of competition during covid. Throughout the past several years, the team has been working hard to learn new skills, better the design process, learn from their mistakes and cultivate a winning culture.

In addition, the North Shore School District completed renovations on a dedicated engineering space. This helped students in the process of building a competitive robot.

In the 2022 season, RoboGym became finalists at the NYC Regional, just narrowly missing a bid to the World Championships. In the 2023 season, RoboGym made it to the playoffs and had strong showings in all of their regional events, but still missed the opportunity to advance.

Led by 3 of our senior captains, and a lot of juniors, RoboGym was ready to put in the work to reach championships. At our first event, the Hudson Valley Regional, we became finalists. During our second event, the Long Island Regional, we won the prestigious Industrial Design Award. At our last event, the NYC regional, we became Regional Winners and took home the Quality Award. The win got us to our goal of competing at the World Championships in Houston TX.

At championships we added to our success by ranking 6th overall in our division, and becoming the 5th seeded alliance captain in the playoffs. RoboGym surpassed its goals, and is now focused on sustaining our future through many off-season trainings, events, camps, and community outreach.