2023 Season Kickoff!

On January 7th, we received the game for the 2023 season “Charged Up”. Our goal is to manipulate and place traffic cones onto pegs and place cubes onto different level platforms. Our team is using CAD software used by professional engineers to design our robot. We have separated our students into groups by different subsystems: drivetrain, claw, arm, wrist, and programming. Other aspects of our team include, business, public relations, sponsorship, and awards. Each group is working on their design prototypes to figure out which mechanisms work the best. Our swerve drivetrain is operational and in testing. We will be tweaking dimensions, and building the rest of the subsystems on top in the coming weeks! Our team id on its 12th build season, and as always, we are hoping to attend Nationals this year. As Finalists at last years competition, our students are highly motivated to win it all! This year is the first where we have dedicated design, prototyping, and manufacturing spaces (our new shop space). The shop has already making a huge impact on our team. We are grateful to the North Shore School District for the new spaces and their ongoing support of our amazing program. Because of them, we can FLEX our minds!

Swerve drive system for our 2023 Robot.